Mosaic and Sculpture Projects

The Creative Arts Company has developed a broad range of public art projects and sculpture trails with schools, churches and community groups. Please click on individual images for further details.

Project Quotes

"I enjoyed working on the project because it was challenging and stimulated us all, while it calmed the mood. I enjoyed finding out new things like learning to co-operate with people and work really hard to find the pieces. The mosaic was like putting together a jigsaw but you have the power to change the pattern and make them fit in." Farah : Aged 11

" The best thing I liked was using the cement, sticking down tiles and also putting in hard work and effort to the project. The hardest thing was the cutting and getting the shapes right but I like a challenge. The project has been easy to make friends as it has been a fun way to interact with each other and I'd love to do it again in the future."   Paul : Aged 12

"I think it is an excellent way of involving children in art, where lots of different skills can be put to good use. You don't need to be able to draw, paint sculpt etc, so it is very accessible and the children all had a sense of pride in the work they produced." James Connor : Camden Street Warden

"This intergenerational project was successful because it brought together people of all ages, to learn new skills. It was social, well supported and it was on "home turf" which was great for the community. The project has brought a fragmented community together in the right spirit and they now have a cheerful mosaic panel, which will really make a difference to the Estate environment." Chloe Harbour : Artist